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How to avoid a ban from FairFight and similar tracking systems

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What is FairFight? 

First of all, Fairfight is an algorithmic analysis of player stats and server-side cheat detection. They use many algorithmic models to evaluate the gameplay of player to catch potential cheater. They also crosschecks it with their own tolerance they have established. When the crosschecks match, you get flagged and accumulating flag will result in a BAN. Remember this is a Fully Automatic System so its running 24/7 & you can get ban anytime! Note: As you can see, Fairfight is not an anti-cheat system because it doesn't detect cheat like Punkbuster, Vac or Battleye did. Its actually based on statistical analysis so IF YOU GET BAN ITS ALL YOUR FAULT. 

If your interested in not ever getting Fair Fight banned in BF1, BF4, BF5, BF Hardline, Rainbow Six: Siege, Warface and TitanFall 2: 

What they track (It can varied from Game to Game but most important are here): 

  • Score per Minute (SPM) 
  • Kill Death Ratio (KDR) 
  • Damage Per Shot (DPS) 
  • Kills per Minute (KPM) 
  • Accuracy (Of your Weapon) 
  • Ranges on kills (Distance) 
  • Tracking Mouvement (GPS, your position on the map about other player position) 
  • Aim Mouvement per frame (Can Detect Aimbot, because aimbot always move at the same speed, human aim can't) 
  • Hit location on target (If you constantly do headshot, etc.) 
  • Tracking key you press (Exemple: If you keep spamming Insert while in-game, associated to cheat) 
  • Screenshot (Don't worry, hack can't show, its for gliching player, like people under map, etc.) 
  • ViewAngles (Where you look compared to other player) 
  • ESP Detection (Explained below) 

How to avoid ESP detection, here some tips you can apply while your playing. (Originally posted in the BF4 section by me.) 

Most of us already know the basic: 

  • Don't track boxes and player through walls. 
  • Don't shoot enemy out of render range. 
  • Don't follow your enemy around the map. 

And for Sniper: 

  • Don't scope at target you can't see without scope, why? because you can't do this if you don't have ESP on. 
  • Never shoot a target you can't see while scoped. Like a player behind tree, rock, etc. 

But you can still get banned even if you obey those basic rules, this is why:

Let me explain you some basic behavior pattern. 

We got three players: Average player, the pro player and the cheater. 

Scenario 1 - Consists of a regular hot zone. Two enemies are present. 

Player A moves with an alert pattern into the hot zone and kills both enemies. 
Player B moves carelessly into the hot zone and is killed. 
Player C moves with an alert pattern into the hot zone and kills both enemies. 
Which player is using ESP? Theres no pattern yet… 

Scenario 2 - Same players and same hot zone but no enemies this time. 

Player A moves with an alert pattern into the hot zone and then moves on. 
Player B moves carelessly into the hot zone and then moves on. 
Player C moves carelessly through the hot zone. 
Guess who was the cheater. ''C'' right? Well, Fairfight spot him and you just get flagged for potential ESP. 


Actually it take alot of time to ban player using this method, but getting flags after flags will leads in a ban over time. No matter if you follow the basic rules by not traking player through walls, etc. If you still not understand basic behavior pattern like this one, you will get banned by time. The solution is pretty simple, always act like an enemy is nearby, this mean that when your about to turn a WALL, cross a ''T'' junction, move in like someone is there, especially in close quarter map, do not just run in because you know there is anybody in. If you do this, over time they will know your using wallhack. There is nothing hard to understand in this, keep the same play style all the time. Act like the Player A. 

To work great, Fairfight need cheater. When more cheater are banned, more they can compiled statistic & make the line between legit player & cheater better and flag potential players with suspicious stats. By time, this will increase the accuracy of who might be cheating and who is not & in the same time make it harder for us to stay under this line. 

More Tips: 

- This can be easily detected by Aim Mouvement per frame with their stats tracking system, so its recommend to not use it or switch between On & Off if you really want to use it. (Use at your own RISK!) 

No Spread/No Recoil: 
- Having insane accuracy can cause a flag, its also recommend to not use it. Well, if you want to play with it, keep sure to lower your accuracy by time and keep it legit. 

Aim Assistance (The Silent Aimbot): (Not available atm on Titanfall) 
- Probally the best option arround here for an aimbot because it keep your real aim (Human Aim) but be aware that having to hight accuracy can result in a flag. Also, do not use no spread/no recoil with it. 

- Having an insane headshot ratio can cause a flag by Fairfight. 
- Avoid it by changing your hitzone location if you are using any kind of aimbot. (Normal Aimbot & Aim Assistance) 

Snap Kills: 
Yeah, thats right! a legit player can't kill 5 people under 2 second, if you keep doing this you will be flagged and banned very fast! 

Again secure the material that would have the maximum chance of avoiding a ban: 

  1. Set Random Bone! Hitting same bone over and over is a clear indication your cheating. 
  2. Set Slow Aim/Human Aim to 15 or greater - Snapping quickly to target is a dead giveaway! 
  3. Set FOV to < 10 - Avoids Snapping to much 
  4. Don't wall trace enemies behind walls 
  5. Don't use No Spread/No Recoil (this increases your stat kills etc, not sure if they can catch this or not yet) 
  6. Don't ever ever ever rage. 
  7. Play Like someones spectating you! 

For the paranoid players, don't use aimbot, but use auto shoot only. 
If you are ever FairFight Banned, Change your Computer Name, and External IP address before re-buying/running the game the first time. - They have a new EA Fingerprinting routine that is activated when you first run BF3/BF4/Hardline - it uses your Computers Motherboard Serial # by using WMI(WMIC) 

Note Some of this info has been taken from various web resources! 


The material prepared by the user of the JIB, for which he expressed great thanks!

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