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Registration instructions in EXLoader

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0. After installing the EXLoader, you need to register in it;

1. In order to register in EXLoader, you need to click on the registration icon:


2. After clicking, the registration window will open, which has the following form:


Now carefully fill in all 4 items:

  • Login - Your username that you want to use to log in to EXLoader;
  • Pass - Your password, please note that you can not use the keyboard to type NUM;
  • Email - Your current email address;
  • Key - Your key that comes to the mail after the payment, just copy it from the payment site (CTRL+C-copy / CTRL+V-paste), the key has something like this "4-10-DSFDSDFPO345", copy it carefully and without extra characters;

Remember or best of all write down this data, because you will need it if you lose your password / username.

3. After entering all 4 items, click on the registration button, if everything is entered correctly, you will see this message:


After successful registration, you will automatically log in to your account.

  • Installation of Exloader and registration in it in one video is provided: HERE;
  • After you start running the purchased cheat, the instructions for launching it are in the topic with the cheat.

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